Monday, February 8, 2010

The girls came over and played dress up at the store! :)

(from the left)

Black Azure - Before RM89; now RM71

Houndstooth - Before RM89; now RM71
(sizes available - M/L)

Scrunchtop - Before RM79; now RM67
(sizes available - S/M/L)
Brown belt - RM29

Pink ruffled - RM99
(size available - L)

Yellow tiered - RM69
(sizes available - S/M/L)

White ruffled - RM89
(sizes available - S/M/L)
Gray belt - RM35

Nicole - RM79
(sizes available - S/M/L

1 comment:

reprebate said...

They're cute with those dresses..